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Learning for Life Programme in Community Youth Leadership

Community and Youth Leadership (LLP-CYL)    
 It’s B.a.S.i.C! – Being a Servant Leader in the Community


In 1924, our founder’s founded the school fuelled by a passion to serve the needs of the less privileged. Until this day, KCPSS continues to carry on the legacy through our school vision of “Every KCPian a Servant Leader & Scholar”. Through the LLP-CYL, we aim to develop all KCPians into resilient and responsible servant leaders with a heart, to be change makers and be at the forefront in serving community needs. Since 2014, the LLP-CYL Programme was developed to complement the KCPSS core academic and student development programme. Through this programme, all KCPians undergo a structured leadership process that is designed to progressively tier the scope of responsibilities expected and leadership competencies to be developed. This process is supported by pervasive school programmes e.g. Values-In-Action to encourage students to adopt a lifestyle of serving to meet the needs of community where they live, study and play. The CYL programme is customised to cater to the unique KCPSS student profile for holistic leadership development. This includes the intentional development of the student in the 21CC Framework of Core Values, Social and Emotional Competencies, and emerging 21st Century Competencies.We endeavour this programme to help kick-start sustained youth volunteerism and engagement in the community to lead and serve beyond secondary school years.