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Applied Learning Programme in Media Literacy

Media Literacy@KCPSS

Today’s students operate in a media-saturated environment. Time spent consuming media, is constantly on the rise. It is thus necessary that students are equipped with the critical thinking and analysis skills that they require to successfully analyse and understand different media messages and formats.

The media literacy programme at KCPSS is designed to develop in KCPians a nuanced thinking about media messages, as well as the messages creators and their goals and values. The programme aims to equip KCPians to be responsible consumers and producers of media as well as effective participants in the media world.

Through our programmes, our school’s aim is to develop skills for KCPians to be competent, critical and literate in all media forms so that they are equipped to:


• Control the interpretation of what they see, hear or interact with.
• Express views or communicate messages using a range of media forms.
• Raise the right questions about what they watch, read, listen or contribute to.


Spin Doctor programme

The Spin Doctors programme focuses on equipping students to be more media literate by leveraging on media literacy tools to hone their speaking and writing skills. 
Students are given platforms to hone and showcase their talents through enrichment workshops, speaking and writing competitions and hosting of school events.

p2.jpg p3.jpg

Students learning to be newscasters for a day as well as acquiring videography skills in the media room. 
p4.jpg p5.jpg
Secondary 1 – Podcasting 
podcast1.jpg podcast2.jpg
Secondary 1 students hone their listening and speaking skills while working on their podcasting pieces using iPads.
Secondary 1 – Learning Journey
Secondary 1 Geography students collaborating to produce videos for their Geographical Investigation (GI) Learning Journey at Ang Mo Kio-Bishan Park.

Geographical Investigation Video

Secondary 2 – Photo Essay

Students get a chance to be film-makers! Here they are being briefed on their Photo Essay assignment which is part of their Film-Literacy module deliverable.

Secondary 3 – Photojournalism  

Students are given opportunities to be journalists where they work on their articles which will be published in the school’s semestral publication Espoir.
Besides the academic programmes, KCPians are also exposed to media through their participation in their CCAs.
Infocomm Club

info1.jpg info2.jpg

Pre-production planning by club members on their filming the media room and working on the Pre-production planning by club members on their storyboard,  filming the >media room and working on the  post-production editing of their video.


Student Winning videos in School Digital Media Award (SDMA)

Cyber Wellness
Photography Club

Club members highlighting the programmes of the Photography Club during the CCA Orientation.
Club members attending a Photojournalism workshop
photo2.jpg photo3.jpg

KCPians participating in the Singapore Student Photographers Conference as trainers
Click HERE  for KCPians' Photo Essay winning entry in the School Digital Media Award (SDMA)