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Saluting our dedicated team for 2018


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Our Mission

Parents, Partners and Friends

To nurture the potential in every child through home - school


Our Vision

To be a valued partner in the development of each KCPian child.

The letters, P S G, linked together represent the link between Parents and the School and the speech bubbles of suggestions by Parent Support Group.

The heart represents the care and concern PSG has for the school and the students.

The star signifies the constant strive beyond excellence by the PSG. The purple figure symbolizes the strong support PSG has towards Home-School Partnership.

The PSG is very proud to adopt the Logo designed by our own talented KCPian.

What we do:

PSG creates a network of links for the school, its families and the community.


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10 Bishan Street 13 Singapore 579795
If you have any questions or feedback to share, please send us an email at psgkcpss@gmail.com

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Irene Ong - 93698019
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Tel: 6259 3811
Fax: 6353 6535

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The Parent Support Group comprises a group of Parent Volunteers with a passion to work closely with the School to nurture the potential in every child through home-school partnership. 

Members come from varied background, possess wide ranging skills and experience, thus creating a valuable network of links for the benefit of the school families and students.

Positively engaged, provide regular constructive feedback and suggestion resulting in confidence and trust in the home-school partnership.


Please fill in the Online Registration Form or

Alternatively, you may choose to email the registration form attached to PSGKCPSS@gmail.com or hand up to the School Geberal Office Staff to put into the PSG tray.

Upcoming Events / Announcements

Upcoming Events / Announcement




2016 is turning out to be a vibrant year for PSG as we work together with the school to support the students’ learning and development. Working closely with staff on a range of programmes and projects enhances the learning environment of our children and creates closer bonds between the school and the community.

Many thanks to the school and parent volunteers for their unwavering support in providing our students with the best possible school experience!

We share with you a sampling of our collaborations for 2016.


Teachers’ Day Celebration - 01/09/16

teachers day.jpg

PSG volunteers were honored to be invited to the Teachers’ Day celebrations! Those who took time out from their busy schedules were treated to a morning of bonding and smiles!

PSG Kranji Farm Trail Family Outing - 17/09/16

On the afternoon of Saturday 17 September, a bus load of parents and children descended on the Kranji countryside, bubbling with excitement. What followed was a farm-hopping tour, where participants came face-to-face with goats and frogs and an abundance of delectable fresh fruit and vegetables.

Who would expect more than a hundred farms to be squirreled away in the countryside, providing us with fish, eggs, milk, greens and a variety of meats. It was an ideal opportunity to be enlightened on Singapore’s agricultural expertise. What an eye-opener! Definitely a place worth returning to!

National Day Celebrations - 08/08/16

As a lead up to Singapore's 51st National Day Celebrations, KCPSS held an exciting programme of activities on 8 August. The PSG was invited to the National Day Celebration to share the joyous occasion with students and staff. And what a privilege it was! Especially seeing the uniformed groups so well turned out! Well done everyone!

Learning Journeys - 05/08/16

The 5th of August saw our Secondary 1 & 2 students going for Geography investigative learning journeys around Singapore. Students were accompanied by teachers and parent volunteers as they interviewed residents and found out more about the neighborhoods they live in, before applying it to their group projects. Work got done, targets were met, and everyone had a productive and fun time!

The joy of youth is contagious; we parent volunteers felt young at heart as we raced around the neighbourhoods hot on the heels of our charges!

Youth Day Celebrations - 01/07/16

A Youth Day Carnival was held on July 1st to celebrate the youthful vibrancy of our students.

Sec 1, 2 and 3 KCPians put their entrepreneurial skills to work by planning for and running food and games stalls.

Not to be outdone, parent volunteers set up their own stalls for games and henna painting. All funds raised on the day went towards the Presbyterian Community Services.

Much fun was had by all and the carnival was a raging success. Bravo everyone!

X-Country - 04/03/16

An event on the school calendar which is much anticipated by both students and parents alike!

This year was no exception and the 4th of March was the big day! We were proud to have a phenomenal turnout of parent volunteers, keen to provide support for their active children.

In many areas our PSG volunteers had a finger in the pie: from the purchase and distribution of 1,300 buns, to serving hundreds of cups of milo to feed and nourish thirsty racers. Not-forgetting those who worked with staff along the route, braving the heat and humidity to act as pacers and medics, and to man water points along the trails.

Well done everyone for keeping KCPians well fed, hydrated and safe! You all worked together tirelessly to pull this off!

Father and Child Ultimate Frisbee Competition - 27/02/16

27 February was a day for Dads to set aside work and comm

it to forming closer bonds with their sons and daughters...on the field!

What better way to do this, than to pick up a sport that every child loves: playing frisbee!

This event was organised by our capable KCP Fathers@School and was a roaring success! (Check out how many mums turned up to cheer them on!)

Well done to all the dads, mums and students for being such good sports!

Parent & Child Art Jamming - 30/01/16

30th January saw KCPSS Art teachers facilitate a special art jamming session for PSG parents and their children.

The Saturday morning provided a therapeutic and relaxing time for family members to bond with one another and to uncover their hidden talents! From the bottom of our hearts we thank the staff for going beyond their call of duty to make this uplifting session possible!

Secondary 1 Parents’ Welcome -  23/01/16

On the evening of 23 January 2016, PSG hosted a welcome session with school leaders and staff, for our Secondary 1 parents.

Mrs Raja, our Principal, shared about the quintessence of KCPSS, as well as unique programmes offered by the school. The HOD’s of multiple departments also took to the floor and illuminated more on their various subjects. Their sharing provided enlightenment on how we as parents can support our children as they strive to cope with a burgeoning workload, alongside the expectations of Secondary school.

It was a fruitful evening for all!

Secondary 1 Orientation Day - 08/01/16

The PSG booth was a hub of activity on January 8th, as new parents found out more about our activities and involvement in school life. PSG members happily answered all their questions and many new members were successfully recruited to join our team. In closing, a brief sharing was done on stage by our valiant chairperson, encouraging us all to come together as we journey with our children and the school, on their path of education.