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2018 Principal's Message

 Journeying Together…… Making Every Day Count!

 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.
Jeremiah 29:11

In the inaugural NTU Majulah Lecture in 2017, DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam shared ‘How Education Shifts Will Make Our Future’. Referring to education as a key strategy in shaping Singapore, he attributed the success of the strategy to the fact that it has been constantly evolving, constantly adapting and making changes to meet changing needs. 

In readying the KCPSS student for the future, we claim God’s ‘plans to prosper us and give us hope & a future’. In line with the national strategy, we at KCPSS are ‘evolving’ once again, looking into how we can make the ‘little things’ that make the everyday school experience enduring learning moments that will prepare KCPians for a future of untold opportunities. We are asking ourselves how we can better Make Every Day Count for every KCPian!

The school theme, ‘Journeying Together… Making Every Day Count’ articulates our desire to enhance our ‘journey’ with parents and stakeholders as we nurture ‘future-ready KCPian Servant Leaders and Scholars’ through ‘Everyday Engagement for Every Child’.

Everyday Engagement

Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for people.’ Colossians 3:23

Whole-hearted effort and commitment will be key to making every day count in being ‘future-ready’. With increasingly flexible pathways to succeed, KCPians will be encouraged to challenge themselves through the whole gamut of school experiences, recognise and hone their strengths and abilities and make choices that will lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning, growth and contribution to society.

Given the rapid and unpredictable disruptions that are now the norm, we ask ourselves what ‘Future-Ready’ looks like? Suffice to say the future is expected to be tumultuous & unpredictable. The ‘future-ready’ KCPian we envisage is one who embraces uncertainties and challenge and applies himself to learning. He is one who finds joy in lingering with a concept, struggling with it until he understands and is able to apply it in a range of situations, one who approaches challenges with the confidence that with collaborative effort and experimentation, he will be able to find solutions. The ‘future-ready’ KCPian works well with others, appreciates social diversity and values his identity as a KCPian and a Singaporean. He is one who pays attention to the little details of his daily responsibilities because ‘Little things make big things happen’.

Everyday Engagement for the KCPSS student will involve Everyday Leadership and Everyday Scholarship

Everyday Leadership

‘Go to the ant,….; consider its ways and be wise!’ Proverbs 6:6

Everyday leadership calls for diligence and high levels of personal management in every student. Cognizant that every KCPian is uniquely endowed, the school is committed to provide a caring, nurturing environment in which KCPians will develop attributes for life-long learning, value-creation and contribution to community. The school’s distinctive Learning for Life Program in Community and Youth Leadership provides authentic learning experiences for KCPians to develop unique skill-sets beyond the core curriculum and hone leadership competencies that will equip them to embark on a journey for a lifetime of significance. Students will be challenged each day to choose to exercise personal mastery, take ownership for things within their locus of control and be committed to the choices they make. As they grow as leaders, KCPians will positively influence their peers and make an impact on increasingly larger circles within and beyond the school community.

Everyday Scholarship

‘He who gathers in summer is a wise son...’ Proverbs 10:5a

Every day scholarship calls for high levels of cognitive engagement in daily tasks. As leaders exercising personal mastery, students will be challenged to go beyond just being ready for each day’s lessons in and out of class, to making intentional effort that is focused on understanding and mastery in every engagement of the day. Students will be encouraged to find their passion, seek knowledge beyond the textbook, ask questions and work towards meaningful goals that will help them grow to be significant community contributors. They will recognise that the work they do each day is important, that they can do it and their teachers will not give up until they have done their best and more!

The school’s distinctive Applied Learning Program in Media Literacy is one program designed to equip students with skills that will call for every day scholarship. Based on the practical application of knowledge in real-world contexts, and designed to develop 21st century competencies, students will engage in podcasting and broadcast and print journalism as they journey through their years at KCPSS. Through this programme, students develop communication, collaboration and critical & inventive thinking skills, develop character, imbibe values, cultivate positive attitudes and strengthen their people skills. 

Everyday Achievement

‘…she prepares her bread in summer, and gathers her food in harvest.’ Proverbs 6:8

We are confident that a commitment to everyday leadership and everyday scholarship will contribute to ‘future-ready’ KCPians who will find joy in learning and reap the rewards of their effort in due time. We look forward to working with you, our readers, in making every day count in grooming the KCPSS graduate!

Elsie S Rajaratnam (Mrs)
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School