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2017 Principal's Message

Journeying Together…. Riding the Waves of Change!

“Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.” Psalm 90:1

We live today in an age of rapid disruption. Our Prime Minister, in his National Day Rally Speech 2016 said that “the defining challenge which we face in this era is disruption.….and we are having to adjust and to keep up …..the disruption will happen over and over again, relentlessly”.

What does this mean for our schools? Minister for Education, Mr Ng Chee Meng has challenged schools to enhance the ‘joy of learning’ and build in students a thirst for lifelong learning that will equip them to embrace and ride out every disruption; to instil in students an ‘entrepreneurial dare’ that will encourage them to seek out and embrace new opportunities that will arise from every disruption and to do all this with a deep commitment to protecting all that is precious to us here in Singapore.

The staff and leadership team at KCPSS are committed to responding to this call to ensure our students are prepared to stand up and ride the waves of change that are before us. We recognise that our role as educators is fast evolving as designers of learning and purveyors of hope as we nurture students who will be inspired by learning, will seek out learning opportunities beyond the classroom and will remain optimistic and persist even when they fail. To achieve all this, we will continue to provide an environment that promotes values-based decisions and a constant search for the next best answer.

Educators as designers of learning and purveyors of hope

The key role teachers have as designers of learning and purveyors of hope cannot be understated. At KCPSS, we believe that knowing the child is at the heart of teaching and invest time in getting to know every individual and to design engaging learning experiences that are enjoyable and lead to learning and growth for every child. The school has introduced several initiatives over the years to enhance the joy of learning and prepare our students for the new economy. Among these, are elective modules, advanced elective modules, leadership development programmes, level camps and trips for international experience. The programmes are designed to enrich the school experience, develop self-awareness and hone social-emotional competencies that will equip students to work in teams, appreciate differences, navigate challenges and consider multiple perspectives in decision making.

Thinking and problem-solving skills are also developed through the core curriculum, the co-curricular activities and the school’s distinctive programmes, the Applied Learning Program in Media Literacy (ALP in ML) and the Learning for Life Program in Community Youth Leadership (LLP in CYL). 2017 will see us further deepening competencies for teachers to deliver these programmes as well as for students to rise to the occasion and take greater responsibility for their own learning through them. It is with this in mind that the school vision has been enhanced to see KCPians grow as Servant Leaders and Scholars. The KCPian Scholar would be one who is inspired by learning, one who will rush out and ride upon the next on-coming wave. One who embraces challenges & takes risks, who is never satisfied with the status quo!

Students inspired by learning

Students will be challenged in new ways to live up to our vision of the KCPian Servant Leader & Scholar as one who is a self-directed learner and takes responsibility for his own learning. He will exhibit his love for learning through diligence, active engagement and the pursuit of excellence. In addition to the daily assignments, the school’s ALP in ML will develop skills for students to be competent, critical and literate in media forms and equip them to access relevant & useful information from a range of sources and be responsible consumers and producers of media. Personal discipline and intentional effort in daily work will continue to be emphasised. While we recognise that grades do not determine everything, they remain important milestone checks and teachers will continue to demand effort in daily work and a strive for excellence. This too being an important ‘skill’ and attitude that will position our students well for a lifetime.

The KCPian Servant Leader & Scholar will display a strong sense of right and wrong. He is adaptable and resilient, embraces failure, thinks independently and critically, and communicates effectively. He remains optimistic in the most trying situations and seeks to create a more just and caring world. The school’s LLP in CYL is designed to nurture these traits in students as well as promote entrepreneurship and nurture optimism. The annual Youth Day Carnival and Values-in-Action projects offer opportunities for students to work in teams, innovate, exercise initiative, take calculated risks and strive for excellence in their effort to support causes of their choice. 

It is our prayer that the holistic school experience provided will develop in students an ‘entrepreneurial dare’, the conviction that anything is possible with effort and diligence and the resilience to persist in the face of failure.

Environment that promotes… a constant search for the next best answer.

The school is committed to providing a nurturing Christian environment for the holistic development of every child through high engagement in learning, enjoyment of learning and achievement through learning. Students will be given sufficient opportunity to engage with the curriculum and with one another to create learning experiences that will make them curious, restless and hungering for more. They will be challenged to their limits and encouraged to give of their best to their work every day. Every child will be encouraged to bring forth the servant leader and scholar in him through meaningful contributions to the community of learners he will interact with every day. Our prayer for them is that they would “be blessed with a ‘divine discontent’ – always not quite satisfied with what (they) have, always driven to do better. At the same time, (to) have the wisdom to count (their) blessings”… PM Lee Hsien Loong
We invite you, our readers, to journey with us into 2017 and seek God’s favour to rest upon us and establish the work of our hands in the year ahead!

Mrs Elsie Rajaratnam