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2013 Principal's Message

Building Bridges, Strengthening Relationships

With every New Year, come New Expectations!  
At KCPSS, we count it a privilege and joy to be shaping these new dreams and expectations with our students and the larger school community. In a deliberate effort to focus on an active inclusion of all key partners in the school's growth in 2013, we have adopted the year theme of "Building Bridges, Strengthening Relationships"  
In the book of Ecclesiastes*, the writer talks about the meaninglessness of life unless all we do is grounded in strong and meaningful relationships. He says that when two work together, they have a good reward for their labour. They also provide companionship and comfort for one another and support in times of need. "A threefold cord," he says, "is not easily broken".  
More recently, in her article entitled "The Missing Link in School Reform" Carrie R. Leana, the George H. Love Professor of Organizations and Management at the University of Pittsburgh, whose current research is focused on organizational processes and employee outcomes, with a particular emphasis on the non-profit service sector, said that "In trying to improve American public schools, educators, policymakers, and philanthropists are overselling the role of the highly skilled individual teacher and undervaluing the benefits that come from teacher collaborations that strengthen skills, competence, and a school's overall social capital.'  
Gleaning from these great minds, the KCPSS community of educators have committed to focusing on strengthening the school's social capital in our efforts to further strengthen the rich culture of care that will enable every child to dream new dreams and reach for new heights of achievement in both the academic and co-curricular arenas in the year ahead. Teachers have begun exploring new possibilities for synergistic efforts that will lead to greater engagement in learning for our students. The trust and collegiality among staff is a key strength that is being leveraged to encourage deep and meaningful conversations that will enable us to further sharpen our skills in our relentless efforts to serve our students well.  
In addition to strengthening relationships with one another, we are looking into new ways to effectively engage with KCPians to better understand their dreams and aspirations as they journey with us at KCPSS. Teachers believe that effective and meaningful relationships with their charges will better enable them to provide the necessary support and encouragement that will give students the confidence to pursue their dreams and make them realities.  
Finally, we look to further strengthening relationships with our partners who have been an ever-present source of support and encouragement to all at KCPSS through the years. Our partners form that critical component in the 'threefold cord' that will hold the school community together in challenging situations. As we work closely with parents, alumni and community partners, we hope that all at KCPSS, both staff and students, will relish the joy of meaningful God-given work in the confidence of the strong inter-personal relationships and the support and encouragement of our partners. We pray that in every task, both child and adult will strive for excellence and, having done our best, we will learn to live with contentment and give thanks to God for His enabling love and grace. 
Mrs Elsie S Rajaratnam