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2012 Principal's Message

It's all about THEM!

As we begin another year at KCPSS, my staff and I thank God for the privilege and responsibility of moulding young KCPians to be men and women after God's own heart. 
We affirm once again our calling to nurture students 'grounded in Christian values' and continue to pray that every KCPian will strive to grow in 'wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man'.  
It is against this backdrop that we would like to share with you our desire to see the KCPSS community as one of Servant Leaders, Life-long Learners and Community Contributors who constantly adapt to an everchanging external environment while remaining true to their calling to be 'Aflame for Truth'. In our quest to see every KCPian a leader, learner and contributor, the school team has articulated its commitment to focus on the holistic development of every KCPian with the theme for 2012, 'It's all about THEM!' ('Touching Hearts, Engaging Minds').  
The theme sets for us the focus to reach out to embrace every KCPian and inspire every individual to have a passion for learning and service. In KCPSS, we believe that every student is uniquely endowed and will flourish when we provide an environment of love and care. It has been said that "It is virtually impossible to make things relevant for or expect personal excellence from a student you don't know…..Connections with students drive the (music) of teaching…"1. As we set out to reach for new heights of excellence in the holistic development of our students in 2012, our focus will be on touching the hearts and connecting in a deep and personal way with every KCPian so that teachers and students build strong relationships and work together for a deep and meaningful learning experience.  
The focus on Touching Hearts and Engaging Minds of every KCPian will see intentional teacher-student interaction and customised programs to enable every KCPian to scale a new height in leadership of self and others, reach a new depth of GRACE and graciousness and attain a new breadth in service to others. KCPians will increasingly be challenged to exercise greater leadership of self, think independently and critically, question assumptions, persevere in the face of challenge and co-create the learning environment and experience with their teachers and peers. The energy and idealism of their youth will be stoked to challenge them to give of their best and more, both in and outside the classroom and have the courage and confidence to believe they can make a positive difference in every situation. KCPians will continue to be challenged to recognise their God-given talents and capabilities and to use them well to make choices and decisions that will be a blessing to those around them.  
Finally, we want to encourage every KCPian with Paul's words to Timothy in 1 Tim 4:12. "Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather, in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself and example of those who believe" Yes, there are bound to be moments of doubt and the discouragement, but KCPians will be reminded of who they are in God's eyes and be challenged to live as faithful stewards of all that God has blessed them with.  
The year ahead does indeed hold much promise for all at KCPSS. We look forward to the active participation of all parents and stakeholders as we work together to see every KCPian grow and glow and be a beacon for the truth in the community!  
 May the Lord's rich blessings be upon us all in the year 2012.  
Mrs Elsie S Rajaratnam