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Share a memory

Bring Back the Memories

Here’s calling all old boys, old girls, ex-teachers and staff to share your time you were in our schools, not just in Bishan, but before Bishan days. We are inviting you to share your fond memories with the rest of us with pictures you have in your possession. We have create a simple way for you to upload your pictures to share with the rest.  All you need to do is to send an email to the address given below, type in your details in the subject, such as ‘John’s good time in PBS, 1963’ and attached the picture with a short caption above the picture such as ‘My buddies in BB at the camp’ and send it.

To view your picture, you go to the blog page and view what you have posted as well as all the postings of the others.  You will need a mail browser to send the picture and the convenient way is that you can use your computer, hand phone or tabloid / iPad to send them.

If you have problems with the posting, you can write to us at kcpss@moe.edu.sg or call us at 6259 3811 and we will prompt our teacher who is administering this blog to call you.  The instructions are below and we look forward to your sharing!

How to submit a post for Kuo Chuan’s 95th Anniversary

1.      Construct an email using any email software or app.

Address the email to kuochuan95.anniversary@blogger.com

2.      Type in a suitable caption for the entry (your name, cohort)

3.      Input a paragraph of text (optional) describing the picture. (place or event and year if possible)

4.      Insert 1 or more pictures into the main body of the email.

5.      Send the email.