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We believe that;

Every KCPSS student (KCPian) is uniquely endowed and is capable of learning and growth.

By providing a caring, nurturing environment founded on Christian values, we will promote personal discipline, diligence and stewardship of gifts and talents in every KCPian.

 The KCPian is central to everything we do as a school and all decisions and actions must be taken with the KCPian’s best interest in mind.

Staff members who are caring and committed to learning, experimentation and professional growth are key to all we achieve as a school. 

Quality teacher-student Relationships are foundational blocks for quality teaching and learning. As such, these must be actively and intentionally cultivated by the teacher to support learning and growth for every KCPian.

Rigour and Relevance of curriculum is integral to engagement in learning. We will thus be intentional in engaging students by providing sufficient challenge for growth and meaningful learning through the prescribed curriculum on a daily basis

Reflection and consolidation of learning enhances understanding and knowledge creation. As such, effective assessment modes will be employed to provide KCPians with meaningful feedback that encourages reflection and promotes self-directed learning. 

Partnerships with parents and stakeholders provide the wealth of the community in nurturing the child and will be sought actively to enrich the school experience for every KCPian.