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The school crest is circular in shape. In an inner circle, a book rests on top of a shield. This book is the Bible. A band of gold, representing the light of God, runs across the shield.

In the center of the shield are the flames and the burning bush. The flames are red and they do not destroy the green bush because these are the supernatural flames of God.

At the base of the shield, the sun radiates out in gold and this, with the gold band on top, completes the omnipresence and sovereignty of God, the Light.

The book and shield is set in a sea of dark blue with streams of white. The dark blue represents the stability of the Christian faith and white is purity and the grace of God.

Encircling this inner circle which contains the burning bush is the motto, 'Aflame For Truth', taken from the Book of Exodus, Chapter 3, verses 1-12.

The school is the place where students are taught the truth of God's Word and the importance of always upholding the truth. The motto thus reminds students to uphold Truth in Action, Speech and Thought because God is Truth. In this way, the school acknowledges the presence of God in our midst, guiding and inspiring our students to become upright and responsible people. The burning bush' is thus a befitting emblem to the school's unfailing quest for Truth, with God as our Mentor and Guide.